Sunday, 8 June 2014

Two Feet and a Heartbeat Walking

Some connections are just meant to be. Just like Sydney and me. At the first glance, the city feels like a dynamic, diverse and multicultural potpourri of flavours. But take a closer look and you experience immense calm from the laid back, chilled out vibe of the locals. And so the next morning I lathered on the sunscreen and put on my sunglasses, ready for a couple of hours of bliss by the Bondi beach. But plans have a way of changing themselves, and I ended up walking to witness some of the most breathtaking views. You can see it from my eyes here. The Bronte to Coogee coastal walk route.

1. A walk characterized by the towering limestone cliffs
To marvel at the beauty crafted by nature

2. Scan the Ocean to my heart’s content
As far and wide as my eyes could take me


3. Crisp air to accompany me
where the smell of the water is in the air, the taste of it in my mouth and the mist that kisses my cheeks from the breeze flowing over the ocean waters

4. Mesmerizing Brilliant Blue Skies
 sketched with cute cotton candy looking clouds

5. The charming blue-and-yellow Macaws
 with their playful demeanor 

6. Catching up with life
Amid the vast mighty ocean, with not another soul in sight

7. Stop for a swim by the ocean
in the most idyllic infinity pool settings

8.  Catch a glimpse of a graffiti artist at work

 9. A treasure, the Waverley Cemetery

10. Pure natural surroundings
That heal you, both physically and mentally

10. Read a book at the island beach
which is secluded by the deeply incised gully and sheer sandstone rocks on either sides

11. Discover exotic and native plant species
like the bottle brush tree, an Australian beauty

12. Catch a glimpse of the full moon over the ocean
at the end of your walk

Tip: As Roberto Bolano says " Every few hundred feet the world changes",  so stay at multiple places across Sydney like the CBD, Eastern suburbs, Northern suburbs and the Blue Mountains. 

*This trip was sponsored by Tourism Australia 

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